Memphis PI

"There is always room at the top - after the investigation."
Oliver Herford

Quote for any day

About Memphis PI.

Back in the last century, the 1970's to be exact,  a young man found himself in a new career as a private detective.  It was not the career he had chosen but none the less there he was.  A pen in one hand, a pad in the other and a camera around his neck.  There was a lot of writing over the years but the circulation was quite small.  Usually a circulation of one.  His career as a government investigator ended rather abruptly at the zenith of a high profile investigation which rankled his superiors.  In his heart there was only one job for him, that of an investigator.  So he would take a private detective job while things cooled down for him in the government.  

He soon learned that the "private side" of investigations was quite hot.   Before you knew it about 40 years had passed and it was too late to return to government work.  No regrets here.


Much of what I did can never be told.  But there are some stories that must be told.   So join me as we travel back into the "Big Muddy"where the mud is thick and hard to shake off.  Pull up your favorite reading chair and as you read along think about if "Memphis" made the right career choice as a private detective.